A comprehensive solution built on a SQL database

PropAcc is a comprehensive property management suite with full accounting functionality, facilities management, integrated banking, report writers and online document viewing, among a variety of other features.




The system allows the managing agent to produce a variety of detailed documents and reports, including cash flow statements, rent rolls and invoices. Over 100 client, management and general ledger reports enable total management control of issues concerning property management.


Bulk procedures

  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Debit orders
  • Scheduled payments
  • Bulk meter readings via handheld devices
  • Future invoicing
  • Interest calculation on arrears
  • Bank charges recovery
  • Auto monthly account invoicing
  • Creditor payment


Facilities management system for a comprehensive call centre.

The following reports can be easily retrieved from PropFMS for a range of dates and specific subselects:

  • Outstanding calls per category
  • Outstanding calls per due date
  • Outstanding calls per contractor
  • Response time report
  • Cost per unit per category
  • Turnover per contractor per unit
  • Retention maintenance items
  • Costing
  • Calls per client


Log a call
PropFMS logs all calls received and provides feedback to the person who logged the call. The name of the person responsible for the account and the response times are listed, and reminders can be set. Requests for inspections can also be placed at this point in the process.
Task a call
The system produces a request for quote to authorise contractors. After a quote is accepted the call is tasked and a job card is produced.
Complete a call
On receipt of the completed job card, the call is completed. The inspection feedback from the contractor can be stored in detail.
Our SMS facility has also been integrated to offer effective communication with contractors and clients.


An email-based post office together with an SMS communication and billing system.


Email functionality

PropCom is a virtual post office system, designed to create and send various PDF statements to property debtors and creditors in bulk or single format.

SMS functionality

PropCom provides a cheaper and quicker alternative to spoken conversations with tenants, body corporate owners, landlords, suppliers or colleagues, with the added advantage that the communication can be stored.


  • Single messages
  • Bulk messages
  • Arrear SMSes (in place of / in conjunction with arrears letters)
  • Debtor balance SMSes (possible substitute for statements)
  • All SMSes are stored on the PropAcc database, enabling the user to see the details of the communication, confirm delivery status and allow auto billing
  • No contracts required


Hosts PropAcc as a cloud solution.


  • Reduce need to invest in expensive hardware with associated maintenance costs
  • Data is securely stored at our data centre
  • Backups and updates can be automated
  • Built-in redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Availability is guaranteed, accessible anytime and from anywhere
  • Cloud scalability





Web interface for the entire PropAcc system.

PropWeb is a web-based portal that can be customised for property owners, trustees and debtors to view and update their details, statements and other relevant information. The system includes a payment portal and provides clients with secure 24/7 access to accounting information on creditor and debtor level without needing to contact the managing agent.

A new website can be created for the property owner or the functionality can be added to their current website.

Trust creditors (body corporate or landlord) are able to view debtor statement history and submit queries by email to the PropSys client as well as viewing and downloading the following documents in PDF format:

  • Disbursement statements for completed periods
  • Levy / rent roll statements for completed periods
  • Draft levy / rent roll statements for uncompleted periods
  • Debtor account lists
  • Debtor statements
  • Stored documents as determined by the PropSys client

Debtors (body corporate owner / tenant) are able to view debtor statement history and submit queries and detailed updates by email to the PropSys client. They can also view and download the following documents in PDF format:

  • Debtor statements
  • Stored documents as determined by the PropSys client

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Built on a stable Progress database, Nicor is suited for complex installations and needs such as enterprise level property corporations.


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A compact solution for an investor with a few properties or small managing agent.



PropSys offers property software solutions for real estate agents, property management companies and property owners.

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