Just recently, property management software provider PropSys Solutions acquired Nicor IT Consulting, one of its main competitors. The move has brought the number of major players in this sector of the South African market down from three to two, and has given PropSys substantial additional muscle.

Marius Vermeulen, CEO at PropSys, says that with the acquisition, the entire company has been on a huge learning curve. A large additional staff complement has come on board and the logistics of managing a much larger organisation will take some adjusting to. “Our company ethos has always been to be unafraid to take things on. Part of our branding and our slogan is ‘expect more’ – we expect that of everyone in the organisation because that’s what we give to our clients,” he comments.

The acquisition took place to fulfil two primary objectives: firstly, as part of PropSys Solutions’ aggressive growth strategy – and in that case, who better to acquire than a competitor with a proven track record and a respected name brand? And then secondly “ because we are all about adding value to our clients and with the economies of scale introduced through the acquisition we are best placed to be able to add value to our existing client base as well as to any potential clients in the market place,” says Vermeulen.

“We have solutions for everyone, from an investor with a few properties that he wants to manage himself, to small managing agents, mid-size companies and heavyweights like the large listed property companies,” Vermeulen points out.

The merger has made for some unified strengths. The newer and larger PropSys probably now has the biggest property management software development team in Southern Africa and there is a fresh perspective which is viewed as a great strength to have in-house. From a technical point of view, both systems will ultimately be rewritten to bring them onto the same platform, which will then essentially be controlled by licensing.

PropSys has always punched above its weight, but it is better positioned than ever before to deliver on its brand promise. “What sets us apart is that we’re really interested in what our clients want,” Vermeulen says. “We understand that the industry is ever-changing and evolving, and we are privileged to be aligned with some of the very big players in the market who have insights into the industry and who lead the way. Our products are going to keep pace with that – and not just keeping pace, we’re going to be setting trends for what is happening in the property management industry,” he adds.

“One of Nicor’s traditional annual events has been a forum for client feedback. We’re going to continue with that idea and will be having a forum in the next month or two, with clients from all over Southern Africa coming. It will be an opportunity for us to showcase some of our new upcoming features as well as allowing our clients to offer valuable suggestions.”

He says their products compare very favourably with their overseas counterparts, and in fact, any local company looking for property management software is better off buying something that is locally produced, for the simple reason that it takes into account all the legislative and regulatory requirements put in place by bodies like SARS and the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

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